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Friday, 26 December 2008

Sexy Teacher In PVC Miniskirt

stocking tease

Sexy schoolteacher in short skirt and stockings tease

We all had a hot teacher who wore tight clingy miniskirts to school, right? If not then you missed out. My French teacher wore them on a regular basis, and it was always a great guessing game to try to figure out what type of short skirt she'd wear each day. As she got older, her outfits got sexier and the skirts got shorter. She loved the attention, always arriving for class 5 minutes late so that she'd have to walk past everyone and we could all get a good look.

This teasing UK teacher seems to enjoy being looked at too, dressed as she is in a PVC miniskirt and stockings. Would it be wise to have a quiet word after class?

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Office Miniskirt And Stockings Tease

leggylana shortskirt

Busty blonde babe Leggy Lana looks how every sexy office girl probably should look. Big boobs practically spilling out of her blouse, sheer black stockings adorning her shapely legs, and of course the tight-fitting miniskirt that wraps around her ass and thighs. I wonder does it squeak when she shifts around in her leather chair? And does she enjoy the feel, the texture, as it clings to her curvy body?

It probably matters not, because another blonde secretary is about to walk into the office in her high heels, and tempt Lana to sprawl across the desk and let her tongue-fuck her...

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Teasing Schoolgirl Plaid Skirt

miniskirt tease

Sexy tartan miniskirt with black stockings and high heels

The Angel Of Tease likes to dress up in all manner of sexy outfits. Usually it's more refined short skirts and miniskirts, often with stockings. But today she's gone for the fun "naughty schoolgirl" look in a tartan plaid skirt with her nylons.

Sometimes a miniskirt can look so slutty, it's as though the girl is simply begging to be pushed up against the wall, with the skirt up around her waist as she's fucked from behind. And given her tastes for sexy lingerie and clothing, I'd say that the Angel Of Tease probably relishes the thought of fully- or partially-clothed sex...

See the full gallery and visit her personal website here

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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Miniskirt And Thigh Boots Tease

miniskirt tease

UK teasing babe Nicole in short skirt and stockings

One of the best things about short skirts is the moves a girl can pull off when she's wearing one. She knows she's dressed in something sexy, slutty even. And this knowledge gives her an extra confidence, and puts an extra spring in her step. So if she's luring a client upstairs to the bedroom, we wouldn't be surprised if she was really working her hips as she walked up the stairs in front of him.

Of course, a miniskirt is fine on its own, but so much better when worn with black stockings and thigh high boots...

See the full pic gallery and visit Only Tease here

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Amateur Wife In Miniskirt

short skirt wife

Amateur swinger wife Desirae in rock chick outfit with miniskirt

Everybody's favorite naughty housewife Desirae Spencer is of course one of the best short skirt wearers in porn, always dressing up to please her husband, her amateur swinging friends, and of course her members. She is a very charismatic woman, and wears every outfit to maximum effect. Today we see her as a sexy rock chick with miniskirt, seemingly giving us the finger and beckoning us towards her at the same time.

And let's not stop there. Let's follow her into the bedroom...

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

UK Porn Babe In Miniskirt

short skirt and boots uk

British porn model in short skirt and boots

Now I think that this is a very sexy miniskirt and leather boots combination. She looks in equal parts an office girl, a uniform tease, a schoolgirl and a rock chick. In fact she's a UK porn babe about to strip off and masturbate in a field with a dildo and a blanket. As only a UK porn babe could pull off doing.

The great thing about British porn is that so many of the girls dress up in sexy outfits, even if they're not relevant to the scene they're about to shoot. Click on through to the site and you'll find that, on the main tour, most of the girls are dressed up in something sexy before the hardcore fucking starts. Always helps when they make an effort, doesn't it?

See the full gallery and visit the site here

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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Street Candid In Miniskirt

street girl candid

Sexy amateur voyeur candid street girl with short skirt and long legs

This particular candid street girl reminds me of an elegant bird as she strolls down the street with her long legs and high heels. She very kindly decided to wear a short skirt too, so we can savor every inch of her long sexy legs. I bet she has a really languid easy stride, not at all fazed by the fact that the boys are looking at her on the street. It's summer and she looks hot, so she's determined to enjoy the attention she gets.

Y'know, when you fuck a girl up against the wall, she often has to stand on tiptoes. I get the feeling that this sexy street girl doesn't have to. Just relax, nice and easy, take it all in...

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